2016 Submissions

do it or dont-LISTEN OR DIE! Chipstep Song
Chill dreamy' soundplay Video Game Song
Words FASTER New Wave Song
Words New Wave Song
TV Says; FREEMIX ; freestyle,remix Hip Hop - Modern Song
UMN.WIP New Wave Song
GOGOGO 1.0 New Wave Song
Socrates River 1.1 Miscellaneous Song
Happy-numbers 1.0 New Wave Song
clubbinsealz1.0 House Song
chraw Video Game Song
Seasaw2.6 Ambient Song
seaweed 0.7 Trance Song
Beep Beep New Wave Song

2015 Submissions

When I get sober-REMIX New Wave Song
Soothe my hangover Classical Song
When I get sober Hip Hop - Modern Song
DEF0.1 New Wave Song
Chalking-remaster New Wave Song
Chalking-Daybreak Remix New Wave Song
Joe the sampler New Wave Song
Interview with dinkbot-remastered and cut(slightly) Trance Song
fingaround Nerdcore Song
Violet Ocean-with vocals for Dad Trance Song
blow me House Song
im in space House Song
Way we talk Trance Song
WWTA House Song
alarm1 wakeup remaster Ambient Song
project track-you could find-dinkbot Trance Song
You could find- Dinkbot Trance Song
Dinkbot singing dinkbot 29 NO VOCALS Trance Song
Dinkbot singing dinkbot 29 Trance Song
dinkbot - BurWhee Trance Song
Dinkbot-an example Trance Song
MNH Beat Dinkbot Drum N Bass Song
triptwo Chipstep Song
Dinkbot thunderstorm Trance Song
Sinking Ocean LOOP Trance Loop
BRBO New Wave Song
twotrip New Wave Song
whispering chips Ambient Song
deos Trance Loop
no one knows New Wave Song
Technochronic Techno Loop
Off to Ihop General Rock Song
stuck here General Rock Song
REality not bending General Rock Song
rain General Rock Song
Pony Tony General Rock Song
no lense General Rock Song
jak and jil General Rock Song
I cant see my reflection General Rock Song
far off light General Rock Song
falling backwards General Rock Song
Days get cold General Rock Song
BOC General Rock Song
bluebird General Rock Song
a design of empathy ( General Rock Song
Please Read Forewarning New Wave Loop
Fairybell bit New Wave Song
Struggle New Wave Song
Dinkbot Mix Truewonder Trance Song
SoftnSimple Trance Song
Twiek minus 2 Trance Song
Just another cutie House Loop
Club hopping Trance Song
Down Cloud Trance Song
Woe Wash New Wave Song
sawwwwing Trance Song
pumper House Song
Battlescars Video Game Song
Johnny New Wave Song
I'm a sampler? New Wave Song
Rainforest Dance Trance Song
Squid (YeA) Techno Song
Forest Trance Song
2hours Trance Song
wire gears Trance Song
illusion Trance Song
Twiek Trance Song
rerabble Trance Loop
call me baby Trance Song
can we talk more Trance Song
dinkbot plays link New Wave Song
Looks like New Wave Song
dinkbot loop 22 Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Do you bleed? loop20remix Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 21 Techno Loop
Happy birthday brown bear Trance Song
dinkbot loop 20 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 19 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 18 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 17 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 16 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 15 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 14 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 13 Techno Loop
dinkbot loop 12 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 11 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 10 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 9 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 8 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 7 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 6 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 5 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 4 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 3 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 2 Trance Loop
dinkbot loop 1 Trance Loop
An interview with Dinkbot Trance Song
487 will not respond Trance Song
Intro To Dink Trance Song