Would love feedback

2016-04-08 22:17:50 by DinkBot

So I recenty posted two similiar tracks. 

Happy numbers

and then the edited happy numbers, socractes river

I find it interesting the the former got so much more attention compared to the track I heavily mastered and edited to what..."I thought" was a superior version. Guess thats just how music is sometimes.

Anyways, I would appreciate and LOVE all and any feedback.

I'm working to continue the story of Dinkbot. If you are new to my work, navigate to some of my first posts.

Thanks again for visiting, every person that listens makes it worth the time to do these things.


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2016-04-13 04:04:23

Another thing to consider is exposure, music/art doesnt always get the same amount of exposure due to pretty much endless reasons, one right person seeing something at the right time can make all the difference.

DinkBot responds:

This is true. Thanks for the feedback!