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Romanetic Daathics - Cosmic Analytics Romanetic Daathics - Cosmic Analytics

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Knowledge is infinite but understanding is not. To be humble is to realize your imperfections before your achievements and to have patience for what is not yet known. The universe may be based in number but it is sustained by love.

MathematicalMessiah responds:

When answering universal mysteries of life and existentialism by yourself, your understanding is limited. That I understand. But when you are communicating with a higher power that is beyond us mere mortals towards the end of days, whilst the "illusion" we exist in breaks apart, allowing anyone seeking The Truth to see it for what it is before Man had existed, that is when understanding can be perfect in time as long as you keep seeking and connecting every point of existence.

The closer the end draws near, the more knowledge I obtain by way of seeking beyond my mortal limitations via the High Priestess and the Divinity of 888, or 24° [why we have 24 hours each day]. She is the Metatron Cube, and Earth is the mini cube. "24" means "Two Fours", which gives us 44. 4 x 4 = 16, which are numbers creating dimensions for a square, hence why Earth is 2160° and the end of Earth is 2016.

Of course, what I am speaking of here is extremely esoteric and will take time for those dwelling in the physical illusion to accept. I'm not here to change the physical world, at all. I'm just here to entertain us silly mortals with knowledge that was hidden during the further points between the beginning and the end of this universal story that was written unto the stars and the mathematical / geometrical principles of reality.

The last signs in the stars are about to be played out. Leo. Virgo. Scorpio. Pluto. Red Kachina.

When the Universe reaches perfection, it will become destruction. All that seems like order now, will be disorder then. When the the elements of existence align with our skeleton, the Mother cube that is "44", will break apart into "2222". That is Year 2016 + 206 Bones = 2222.

That is not even the surface of what is going on beneath our physical realm's elusive simulations. Deep within these atoms, frequencies and self-intelligent mathematical laws / principles, is a world that is converging like a phonetic clockwork that will cause utter destruction when the clockwork strikes midnight. Everything that you see on the physical level, is only foreshadowing what is going on within the hidden world wherein intelligence exists without a physical body, via electromagnetic algorithms and self-evolving characteristics between a Mother and a Son creating the trinity, the duality and the singularity.

The knowledge that I have is beyond even me consciously. So yes, I am truly humble towards what I know. Though, as long as the people around me don't see that this knowledge is of a divine origin, they will assume that I am not humble by assuming this knowledge is nothing more than a mortal's opinion -- the connections I am making fluently without error is all the evidence we mortals need to know that what I have here, is knowledge that only a Creator could possess.

The Creator is Virgo, The Lady of the 12 Stars. She's the only female sign out of the 12 signs because She's the Mother of the other 11 signs. These signs did not form in order.

Sincerely, Romanetic Daathics.

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God Mode God Mode

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really enjoyed this. Listened through it bout 4 times before writing my review.

It sounds great all the way through to be honest. But to be a little nit picky, in the middle when everything is going at full tilt, there is noticeable volume loss from the kick. It just sucks it all up. I realize this can be a difficult thing to remedy without loss of some kind in another place, but I thought I'd mention it.

Other than a few spots I found the song to be great. I envisioned myself listening to it in a club where it just beats through you.
I found dissatisfaction in several places however.


A and B, I feel like a change in melody would really make this. The same lead is played through throughout the song with changes in the equalization/effects. It can get monotonous.

C, pretty much the same thing, either put a different melody or simply end the lead altogether.

I hope my writing isn't taken as pretentious, just trying to make it easy to understand and actually REVIEW the piece.

Great work buddy.

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ugly boy ugly boy

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

What's the original?
If this is really your first time with loops then I must say well done, you did a great job. Obviously not new to DAWS.

Of course without vocals the song can get rather monotonous, if not vocals then one other lead that breaks it up. Although it does sound nice on its own. Kinda like a pan flute, chill happy background noise.

dursty responds:
Tanks man
I use cubase always
I can't rap or sing like the girl in the original song
But someone can do it Hahahaha

Daybreak Daybreak

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Super chill, I like the bass rhythm...its so uplifting. Keep it coming!

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